Sports Media Are Wrong (Again) – LeBron Did Not Tarnish His Legacy

On Thursday July 9th, a media circus like we have rarely seen in sports took place. Across North American people watched in anticipation as LeBron James was set to announce his future home. When the time came, LeBron jerseys across Cleveland were set aflame, as bars in Miami burst into raucous celebration. The King’s new throne is South Beach Miami. LeBron James will join fellow superstars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to form a super team the likes of which we have never seen. As soon as he announced his decision the pundits jumped on him and talked about how he had ruined his legacy. I think they jumped the gun. I don’t think his legacy is ruined and here is why…

1. James can still be “the man” in Miami: Yes he is joining Wade and Bosh to form a three headed beast, but I think LeBron is still a level above those two players. Certainly above Bosh, and arguably above Wade. James may see a slight dip in scoring (or he may not) but he could also see a stratospheric rise in his assists. If Lebron James can average 10 assists along with his automatic 25+ points and 7+ rebounds, he will still be viewed as the most complete player in the NBA. If he wins a championship as the Finals MVP I feel that will still prove he is “the man”.

2. He Can Win Titles: Still a lot of holes to fill in Miami but regardless, he has a better shot at winning than he ever has. In Cleveland he was surrounded by a couple B-Level players, and a whole lot of lesser players. He never ever had a true number 2. Cleveland had just about no assets and failed to build a team around LeBron when they had the chance…for 7 years. In Miami he is with a legit number 1 player, let alone number 2. Bosh has to be considered one of the best third options in the league now. If they plug the holes in Miami properly, this could be a dynasty.

3. He Can Move Again: If LeBron wins three titles in Miami, or even five he can move on. People used to blame Kobe for riding Shaq to three titles, but since Kobe has won without Shaq – now he is just looked at as a guy with 5 rings. No one brings up Shaq anymore. Isn’t that possible for LeBron? Could a 30 year old LeBron go somewhere and be “the man”? I wouldn’t count it out.

These questions will all be answered down the road. If I had to hazard a guess, I would assume that his legacy will be determined by how the Heat fare. If they are a huge dynasty with 5 championships in a row and LeBron is MVP every one of them – there will be no denying his place in history. We will know the answer eventually, and no one can predict it so let’s sit back and enjoy the show!