The Things You Learn From Broadcast Schools

Cleveland is known for its numerous firsts, along with its surrounding cities in Ohio. It was the first region to use police cars, it had the first ambulance service in 1865, it is home to Neil Armstrong who is the first man to walk on the moon, it had the first auto service station, the first hotdog and was the first state to enact laws protecting women in 1852. Having some of the oldest radio and Television stations, it would follow that this city of firsts rank highly amongst Cleveland broadcast schools.

The Ohio and Illinois Center for Broadcasting is one of the many highly noted Cleveland Broadcast schools. They provide active courses in radio and television studios that are fully equipped so students get to study in a real world environment, these on top of traditional classroom education. Some of the courses provided are: microphone technique, writing and performing for the camera, sportscasting, newswriting, news announcing and speaking techniques. A Great Deal of those who are well known and respected personalities in radio and TV went to Ohio and Illinois Center for Broadcasting.

Cleveland Institute of Electronics is another of the excellent Cleveland broadcast schools. With courses such as: Media Writing, Public and Professional Speaking, Broadcast and New Media Writing, Audio Production for Radio and Performance for the Screen, CIE has a well rounded program for the most earnest of broadcast students. They also offer a Broadcast Engineering Program fashioned for those wishing to become a technician and have a career in radio and television.

Another one of Cleveland’s broadcast schools is BMG – Broadcasters Mentoring Group. In this school of broadcasting, they extend on-the-job training for those wishing to be on-air newscasters, talk show hosts or sportscasters. The classroom is the closest television and/or radio station. Because of the vast possibilities within the program, the mentor-apprentice accentuates the hands-on facet of learning. If you are a student that wants to go right into the technical and active aspects of this major, then this could be the school for you.

And lastly, we also have the Cuyahoga Community College at their Metropolitan campus, and they extend classroom instruction along with a a hands-on education, all in their newly constructed 75,000 square foot Creative Arts building. With this fully equipped radio and television studio right on site, there is always something to discover or production to be involved in. Each and every student will get a one-on-one attention so they can learn every aspect for their chosen careers, whether or not they are taught speaking and camera performance techniques, newswriting, or any other courses available for this exhilarating industry.