Do You Know How to Measure Your Social Media Results?

Chances are you’ve heard of social media marketing and are already leveraging such sites as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube and Flickr to your business advantage. (And if you’re not, you should be!) But all of that networking means nothing if you don’t know how to measure the results you’re achieving. found this social media topic so pressing that it recently devoted an entire article to it: “Learn to Measure Your Web Presence-It’s one thing to generate buzz. It’s another to know how to use it.” Therein, it is pointed out that the problem with social media is that there “are still no clear standards on how to evaluate it before visitors show up on your doorstep, so to speak.”

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to this issue. The good news is, as the article points out, “Better ways of measuring social media through web analytics and search marketing are raising the bar on the quality of information entrepreneurs and site owners collect-and what they can do with it.” The bad news is, who has the time to devote to such analysis, that is if, in fact, he or she understands web analytics and search marketing well enough to do so? Indeed, warns, “Web analytics, search marketing and social media provide incredible opportunities to gain insight, but it’s become increasingly difficult to learn from the information or to apply it practically.

A social media marketing expert just might save you a lot of time and headaches while arming you with the information you need to make your online networking efforts pay off big time. In fact, social media is so rapidly becoming an essential part of an organization’s web marketing presence that having a website is no longer good enough for establishing your brand online. Having a strong social media presence can help you advertise your brand, attract and nurture “fans,” and assist your search engine optimization efforts-all key marketing points in today’s web-dominated society.

It’s no wonder then that “web analytics, search marketing and social media are converging rapidly.” This trend “opens up a wealth of needed information to entrepreneurs,” but only if they know how to interpret and measure it. When the web was new, many organizations relied on a patchwork quilt of service providers to help lead them through the maze. But as the technologies have matured and the web has become an increasingly mainstream tool, it has become more sensible to rely on a single partner that understands your business in a comprehensive manner and can suggest and deliver integrated solutions.

Whether you just need help getting started with social media, or you want someone to manage it daily for you, a social media marketing expert can pave the way to an informative social media networking plan of action. By demystifying technology, serving as the answer desk for its client, and tying all of your social media resources together into cohesive, cost-effective solutions, a professional service provider can supply you with the insight you need to leverage this new and potentially profitable marketing medium.