The SEO and Social Media Benefits of Daily Deal Features

Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal websites have been known to drive offline traffic into local business of all kinds. From Yoga studios to Pizza shops, daily deals are a great way to get the word out about your business and create an influx of customers. But did you know that the benefits extend beyond that? Let’s take a look at how these platforms can help your website rankings and increase social media following.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

A lot of SEOs will argue that backlinks are the key to increasing search engine ranking and I tend to agree. One way to get a quality, one-way link to your website is to run a feature. Groupon, for example, applies SEO techniques to each feature they write. They do this to not only rank well themselves but also to help the business they feature. With contextual links that point back to your website embedded in the copy, an increase in SEO love is sure to occur. Groupon links to a merchant website in several ways. Depending on the quality of your website they may link to it multiple times in one feature and help you rank for several keyword phrases overnight. When a site as large as Groupon links the keyword phrase “Hot Bikram Yoga” to your local Yoga studio, the chances of it moving up the rankings, at least locally, for Hot Bikram Yoga (enter your city here) are likely. The changes in ranking are likely to be dramatic and often generate an increase almost overnight. So consider thinking through how your feature is structured when running a deal and work with your chosen vendor to draft the most SEO friendly feature you can; your SEO will thank you!

Social Media Love

Another benefit to running a feature is the social media buzz that is created. When a feature is created and ran on a site like Groupon, a lot of social media discussion takes place on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Online reviews will also increase and websites like Yelp and Urban Spoon will burst with new reviews from the people who visited you and took advantage of the offer. It’s not unusual to receive dozens and sometimes even hundreds of new fans or followers as a result of your daily deal feature. So be sure to stay on top of the discussion by engaging with your social media following and making the most of the attention.

In Summary

  • A daily deal feature is more than just a way to generate customers.
  • A strong website will benefit from the S.E.O techniques that platforms like Groupon use to promote features.
  • Social Media is an important part of a feature so be sure to monitor and engage in the discussion.

In closing, be sure to be picky when deciding which daily deal website you partner with, there are several hundred to choose from these days. My advice would be to focus on the quality of the daily deal and that usually means working with the industry leader. Groupon, LivingSocial, Facebook and now Google all have a platform to run a feature on. Be careful about local start-ups or old-school business models like local coupon mailings that have added daily feature to an archaic business model in an effort to look modern and relevant. These platforms are typically built as a “me-too” and do not have the support or savvy of the larger platforms that strictly focus on daily deals.

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Easily Settling For A Car Insurance After A DUI

There are a lot of things that will run in your kind if you at any time have a DUI case. Some of the things that should keep you worried are the license suspension, criminal records as well as situation at your workplace. The car insurance is yet a concern that one should be intentional about. Some of the insurance providers will drop their clients after encountering a DUI. If you have your license revoked, being dropped by the insurance company will not be an issue to you. But all the same, you need to note that getting a new coverage will be one thing you will be required to do. Be sure to note the vital points after encountering an accident and you need new insurance.

One thing you need to do is make sure you do not hide it. In most cases, people tend to keep quiet after a DUI charge. When it comes to insurance; you should not keep quiet. It will always be a possible thing for the insurance provider to find out on any DUI case you could be having. To eliminate any chance of being withdrawn by the insurance provider, make it a point, to be honest at all times. One needs to note that there will be an increase in rates all the same. This is all a possible thing since insurance providers will find you as a risky driver. If you can have your records in the right state again, note that the rates will get back to the usual standards.

One needs to look out for the right insurance coverage as early as he can. One might not need an insurance coverage immediately after being dropped by the insurance provider. Nevertheless, note that this does not at all times mean that you no longer need the insurance coverage. Prior to getting dropped by the insurance provider, be sure to shop around for the best provider. This is vital since getting a perfect provider might require a good amount of time after a DUI case. Make it a point to get the best rates whenever you are looking out for the right insurance coverage after the DUI case. Even though you are to get high rates, make sure you compare this aspect from different providers. Some insurance providers out there have perfect rates for DUI offenders, and you need to look out for their offers. Whenever you are looking for the best rates, be sure to note that several aspects determine them. After getting the insurance coverage that suits you best make it up to you to improve greatly. This is one best thing that will help you in having a good record set to your insurance providers.

A 10-Point Plan for (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Read More on How You Can Lower Your Outsourcing Costs Now Here!

One of the main worries of big companies when looking to outsourcing is the quality of output from choosing such option. For the really big companies they can get away partly with poor output from outsourcing of some of their tasks. But those that are classified as small and medium cannot risk with a low output so what choices do they have now? Well thankfully here in this website you will learn more about how you can lower your outsourcing costs. View here for more.

Stop Depending on Current Infrastructure

If you get more info. about it you will find that if you continue to depend on current infrastructure then you will have lower power when it comes to negotiating the cost. That is why if you are certain that you will be outsourcing some tasks in the long term it can benefit your company if you choose to finance partly an outsourcing company that you plan to make use of in the long run.

Look for Long-Term Partners
Getting an inexpensive company to do your outsourcing tasks for the long term can be a cheaper option for your company. You can look for information on such companies on the internet. You need to visit the websites of the different companies so that you can know more about this service they offer to companies. You can click on the links in their websites for more information on these companies.

Hire Freelancers
There are many companies now who make use of freelancers as a way for them to lower their cost on outsourcing. Since there are a lot of people who have access to the internet now one consequence of this is that there are also more who have turned to freelancing as their source of bread and butter. There is thus a constant pool of talented freelancers that you can choose to outsource your tasks to. All you have to do is to sign up in the websites that allow you to be able to choose the freelancers to hire. When they become members of such websites they will be able to see the profiles of different freelancers in their database and choose among those.

Choose Modern Outsourcing Strategies
There are a lot of companies who prefer outsourcing to the developing world because of its lower cost of living. If you want to have a lower cost in the long run you can even choose there the people who invest in automation. This may save you cost in the long term.

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